Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Green
Age 18
Hometown Ireland
Family Mother & Sister
Relationship Melissa
Friends Paige,Taya,Sarah & Topher
Enemies None
Fear Dying
Talent Fighting
Nicknames None
 Elias Medina labelled The Too Cool For School will be one of Ray's Character's.

About EliEdit

Eli is a normal guy,he dropped out of school because he hated following order's from the teacher and girls always trying too date him,so people know him as The High School Drop Out.Eli is a really cool guy too hang out     with,however is very protective about his sister Jocelyn,his sister is 15 so he takes really good care of her as a brother.Eli is 18 & he's in a 1 year couple with Melissa. They are usally always happy together they never really get into fights or anything like that like a normal couple.Eli enjoys hanging out with his friends and family.Eli's best friend is his sister Jocelyn,even though there brother and sister,there still the best of friends.Eli isn't much of a fighter he doesn't usally fight,if he's forced too,there's no doubt that Eli would win,he's a really good fighter but he doesn't like too fight.

How did Eli get in to Total Drama?Same way as everyone else he audition,he was just naming parts of his personallity and stuff and stuff and i guess the TD People liked it so he was allowed in,Eli had MUCH luck in Total Drama,he was best friends with Topher in Total Drama,Saddly Topher never made it was far as Eli did in the TD seasons...

How Far Eli GotEdit



TDWT:9th Debuted InTo 1st


Ten Word's Too Describe EliEdit







7. School Dumb

8. Wanta Fuck The Football Team

9. Likes Dicks

10. Gay

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